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alasan mengapa seseorang tidak tahu apa yang mereka lakukan di usia 20an

diambil dari artikel ini,

1. You didn’t take advantage of your college years.  You chose a major because you were good at it in high school and you found it  ”interesting”. You thought joining clubs would take up too much time, so you said “maybe next semester”, yet you never did. You were studying subjects you weren’t passionate about but, you thought having a high gpa would equal success.  It didn’t, and you’re slowly becoming very angry now that you’re working a job you have no idea how you got into when you graduated Magna Cum Laude. Here’s where most people are in their 20s: In college, majoring in something they chose out of convenience, but they have no real idea what they’re going to do with their education.In graduate school because they got a BA in something they don’t know what to do with.In a job with their major in an industry they have no real passion for, and they’re surrounded by people who did the same thing. They have a decent salary and benefits, live in a nice apartme…

sebuah refleksi diri

jadi gua baru baca artikel yang di post di timeline temen gua, dan cukup membuat gua berpikir. melihat jauh kedalam apa yang udah gua alami selama ini. dan sadar kalo gua belum berbuat apa apa jika dibandingkan banyak temen gua yang hebat hebat.